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Mad Racer

Mad Racer, is a car racing classic arcade game with 3 levels of difficulty offering full excitement for every one. Stay as long as it is possible on the road, driving a high speed Porsche, passing through many cars, lorries and oils. Collect the incoming gifts to increase your score and be the leader of this game in Game Center.

Sound of a real racing engine and atmospheric explosions are some of the game's features. More features will be added in future versions of the game.

Readers App Reviews “ February 2013

You've got to be mad to race in this traffic! ;] Mad Racer is a simple addicting game all about endurance dodging. Simple tilt controls allow you to steer your car around other cars and obstacles and into powerups and point boosts. Get high enough scores to unlock new cars and get your name on the world wide highscore charts.
by Ryan Poolos