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Duties Watcher

Duties Watcher, the ultimate application for people who work with periodical shifts or have additional duties besides their ordinary working schedule.

Through the application's friendly interface the User may define scheduling rules and keep track of his/her shifts which will be displayed on Duties Watcher's graphical screen. Shifts, vacations, memos and more may all be available at your disposal. With just a slide of your finger you can easily navigate from one month to the other, back and forth.

User may also be alerted for an up coming duty with a variation of messages. This version of Duties Watcher supports Apple's Local Notifications and Calendar Events.

For each of their scheduled shifts, the users also have the ability to select an icon from a list of 20 built-in images or they can pick up one from the device's photo library. If your job demands the responsibility of a profesional app, Duties Watcher was created right for you.